Alexandra Costas


Name: Alexandra Costas
Sire: Hagan Drakos
DOB: Feburary 2, 1740
DOE: June 22,1769
Place of Birth: Athens, Greece
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: The Ordo Dracul
Faction: Tombstone, AZ 1881
Signature Discipline: Resilence


Kindred society has had a place within Athens for century. When the Americans had there revolution it started talk of a revolution in Greece from the Ottoman Empire.

The summer of 1769 the prince allowed Kindred to have progeny. Hagan Drakos found a young woman, Alexandra Costas. She was a governess for an Ottoman family.

Alexandra quickly joined the same covenant as her sire, Ordo Dracul. The years following her Embrace she was still involved with mortal affairs. She got herself a little to involved, though. Alexandra helped the mortals achieve freedom from the Ottoman Empire, but also caused a breach of the masquerade. Thankfully, due to the hectic nature of the revolution it was easily minimized by the Kindred.

She was exiled from the Court of Athens for her actions. It was 1833 and Alexandra took the first ship with other immigrants bound for America. She followed the others to Lowell, MA, which was quickly growing as a Mill City. She immediately made herself known to the court there and has been there since. She keeps mostly to herself doing work for the Ordo and following the discoveries of mortal technology.

Theme Song: TNT by AC/DC

Alexandra Costas

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