Carlos Garcia

Name: Carlos Garcia
Sire: Sebastián Pena
DOB: March 7th 1700
Place of birth: Madrid Spain
DOE: June 1st 1724
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: unaligned
Title: The Matador
Signature discipline: Animalism

Renown through out the American south west and Mexico as a dangerous mercenary kindred, Carlos joined up with the Terrifying 7 when persuaded to join by Alma Perez. Carlos and Alma were seemingly involved for some time but this put him at odds with fellow gang member Justin Millhouse who also was involved with Alma at some point. Carlos and Justin were constantly at odds with one another and Justin and Carlos both lessened their involvement in gang activities. Carlos started to spend his nights more in Mexico and continues to preform as a bull fighter for local rodeos and festivals. He was seemingly unaware of his involvement in the hiding of Mehket’s hour glass.

As history will remember: Once Carlos learned of the Terrifying 7’s involvement with the Belial’s Brood theft of Mehket’s hour glass, he joined up with the coterie sent to retrieve it. Carlos served with the coterie briefly but was soon killed by the coterie for his key.


Carlos Garcia

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