Godfrey Lehmann

Name: Godfrey Lehmann
Sire: Freda Sommer
DOB: January 8th 1710 AD
DOE: October 20th 1741 AD
Place of birth: Hanover Germany
Clan: Mehket
Covenant: The Ordo Dracul
Faction: The order of the hour glass
Signature discipline: Coils of the Dragon

Backstory: Godfrey was embraced by a prominent duchess of the The Invictus in Prussia but it became clear that Godfrey was much better suited to join the The Ordo Dracul and his sire let him join with her blessing and he was able to act as a go between for the two covenants for many years. In time Godfrey came to work with two accomplished kindred chemists; Fredrick VonWerner and Dresden Von Murick. Working together, the three were able to accomplish a lot but Dresden soon became lost to Malkvia, a rare condition that effects members of clan Ventrue more than the other clans. The three chemists went their separate ways after an incident in court lead to the blood hunt of Dresden being declared by the Invictus of Europe. Godfrey started to travel the world and soon came to meet members of The order of the hour glass. Godfrey was fascinated by Mehket’s hour glass and opted to join up to study it’s powers. In time he became a prominent member of The order of the hour glass and was stationed in Havana and given nearly full access to Mehket’s hour glass.

As history will remember (Tombstone 1881 AD)
Godfrey Lehmann served as the point kindred for The order of the hour glass in the American southwest for many years. After the battle of Sand stone manor, Godfrey was reassigned to The order of the hour glass‘s headquarter in Havana. There he helped wrap up the final stages of the purge of Belial’s Brood from the ranks of The order of the hour glass.


As history will remember (Havana 1959 AD)::
While accidentally caught up in a coup that was happening in the court of Havana, Godfrey came to learn about a cell of Belial’s Brood that were operating in the city. Godfrey went with members of the coup to take out the presumed head of the Belial’s Brood cell and found important documents that would later prove a wider conspiracy of Belial’s Brood in the Caribbean and help legitimize the new court of Havana.


Godfrey Lehmann

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