He Yu

Name: He Yu
Sire: Dun Bao
DOB: June 9th 1650AD
Place of birth: Shenzhen China
DOE: April 21st 1705AD
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: The Ordo Dracul
Title: House keeper of Sand stone manor
Signature discipline: Coils of the Dragon

Part of the small cell sent out to keep an eye on the interests of The order of the hour glass out in the Arizona territory, He Yu was teamed up with fellow Ordo Dracul member Godfrey Lehmann to maintain the out post at Sand stone manor. He Yu mostly keeps to himself and works closely with the mortal retainers of the manor to make sure the grounds are taken care of and guests of the manor get what they need.

As history will remember:
He Yu’s Sister was revealed to be a member of the Terrifying Seven and the coterie used him to bring messages back and forth to her. During the battle of Sand stone manor, He Yu met his final death while helping the coterie escape. He Yu was honored by both The Ordo Dracul and The order of the hour glass after his death.


He Yu

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