Home work Tombstone 1881 AD

In addition to the generous starting XP that you all will have to start with, there will be a few homework assignments that you can do before the game starts to get even more XP for the start of the game. Like all homework, these are optional for you to do. Each are worth 5XP and you can do as many as you’d like.

Assigned before game:

-Write a backstory for your character. This must be approved by the GM and at least 1 page long.

-Pick a significant Historical event that took place around (Within 5 years) 1881 AD that you would be interested in hearing or seeing more about in the game. Write a paragraph about why you find it interesting.

-Create a list of traits about the character you are playing in this game and compare it to an other character you’ve played in an other game.

-Write up a list of goals you have for this game and your character.

Assigned during game:

-Make a Wiki page for your character

-Pick a theme song for your character and add it to your character’s wiki page.

-Write up a character for this game that you know that I would reject

-Take the poll in the Facebook group

-Pick a time period and place where we don’t have a game set to run and explain why you would like a game there.

-Submit another character concept you have for this setting.

-What other location would you like to have seen a game set for 1881 AD?

-Make a magic card for your Tombstone 1881 AD character

-State a conspiracy theory you have about the game’s story line.

-Add a member to the terrifying 7.

-What would your character put forth as a key for the sealing ritual?

-Make a magic card for an NPC

-Name your character’s price for this mission

Home work Tombstone 1881 AD

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