Kent Milton

Name: Kent Milton
Sire: Rodger Wainwright
DOB: 1705 AD
Place of birth: Bath, England
DOE: 1730 AD
Clan: Venture
Covenant: The Invictus
Title: Prince of St. Joseph Missouri
Signature discipline: Resilience

Born into the small English middle class of 1700’s Bath, Kent aspired to become a member of the nobility and tried to gain rank and title through military service. During his time aboard, Kent was embraced by a powerful member of the Invictus that needed more military influence. Kent was given assistance from his sire and quickly moved up in military rank but after a massive falling out with his sire, moved to the United States and started over. Kent worked with Hugo Dubois on expanding the American cities on the frontier and came to be prince of St. Joseph Missouri. Kent Milton is now one of the most outspoken members of the Carthian faction and regularly is seen having massive arguments with other members of the The Invictus .

As history will remember:
Kent Milton along with Hugo Dubois went out west with Sisay to assist the coterie she had sent out to retrieve Mehket’s hour glass. Once the coterie was successful Kent returned to the mid west where he ruled the city of St.Joseph well into modern nights.


Kent Milton

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