Nolan Gains

Name: Nolan Gains
Sire: Nenet Reis
DOB: 1717 AD
Place of birth: Leeds, England
DOE: 1747 AD
Clan: Mehket
Covenant: unaligned
Title: None
Signature discipline: Chronomancy

Nolan Gains was a British merchant that had sailed to Egypt and organized a successful business in Cairo. While working in Cairo, Nolan caught the attention of a prominent member of The order of the hour glass and was embraced to stave her curiosity of the ever changing world outside of Egypt. Nolan learned a lot about The order of the hour glass with his sire and when she perished under strange circumstances, he put in for a transfer to The order of the hour glass‘s Havana head quarters. Once in Havana, Nolan quickly moved up the chain of command and soon became Sisay’s second in command.

As history will remember:
Nolan attempted to not only track down the stolen hour glass of Mehket, but also then take the blame for the crimes of Alex Monroe. When Nolan met up with the coterie sent by The order of the hour glass, he eventually ended up explaining what had happened and he soon was forgiven by Sisay. During the battle of Sand stone manor, Nolan was about to slip away and was made his way into the wilderness of North America. He only surfaces a few more times in modern history before disappearing forever.


Nolan Gains

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