Soundtrack Tombstone 1881 AD

So, I’m not gonna lie to any of you, the sound track for this game is going to be a little on the weird side. In addition to several well vetted classic western songs, there will also be some more modern tunes included.

The idea of this setting, this game and your characters is that… Well… you’re bad ass action heros. And yes, I understand that Vampire is not supposed to be about bad ass action heros, I fully understand the dark and brooding over tones of the canon setting; however, this game is going to be different than most.

The songs listed here are meant to set a tone of adventure, action and a certain flying by the seat of your pants epicness. Some songs are for gun fights, some songs are for late night meetings in the deserts with shady characters. I want you to hear the shrieking of a hawk flying over head, feel the sand blowing in the wind, see the smoke rising in pillars from the train in the distance.

Remember folks, this is a fun game. A dark, yet ass kicking, fun time game. Let’s do this!

Traditional Western music

Once upon a time in the west-The man with the Harmonica

The good, the bad and the ugly

A fist full of dollars

The Magnificent seven

3:10 to yuma theme

The Hateful eight theme

The Esctacy of gold-Ennio Morricone

Kill Bill Vol. 2 OST – L’Arena – Ennio Morricone

Aaron Copland, Hoedown

A little on the weird side

Iron-Wood Kid

Not your kind of people- Garbage

Quantum of Solace theme

Final Fantasy 3 phantom train

Paint it black player piano

Soundtrack Tombstone 1881 AD

The blood seeps slowly Ronfiction