Hugo Dubois

Name: Hugo Dubois
Sire: Renee Ansel
DOB: 1650 AD
Place of birth: Tours France
DOE: 1691 AD
Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: The Invictus
Title: Prince of The city of Kansas
Signature discipline: Obfuscate

Embraced by a high ranking member of the French Invictus, Hugo Dubois became a surprisingly social member of his clan and was well respected in the social circles of the Invictus of continental Europe. Hugo spent most of the 1700’s serving on various Priscus councils and even as a short time as the Priscus Harpy of Paris. Around the time of the French revolution, Hugo had started to grow tire of the politics of Europe and left for the new world for the french controlled portions of North America. Once in North America, instead of staying in one of the coastal cities of the new world, he moved in land and with his vast personal wealth, started funding up start settlements. One of them was The city of Kansas which after the American Civil war, he moved out to and declared himself prince of. The risky move paid off when the city started to grow in both population and national importance. While in North America, Hugo made contacts with various kindred groups including The order of the hour glass, which he sponsored with his wealth and power whenever he could.

As history will remember (Tombstone 1881 AD):
Once the coterie sent by Sissay to Tombstone arrived at their destination, Hugo put his court to work helping Sissay with whatever she needed. That soon became providing her back up in Tombstone. Hugo along with Kent Milton and some of the court of the city of Kansas went west to help return Mehket’s hour glass back to Havana. Hugo and Kent Milton helped the coterie at the battle of Sand stone manor. Once successful, Hugo would return to the City of Kansas and continue to serve as it’s prince well into modern times.


Hugo Dubois

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