Over view

History is a tricky thing to keep track of. They say that only the victor has a say in how it is written and that those who do not learn from it, are doomed to repeat it. All these notions may be true for humans, but for kindred, things work differently.

There is a history that is known to the mortal world, a history that is studied and debated. Then there is a history that is unknown to the mortal world, kept hidden by them by the powers that be. What humans think of as ancient history, may be little more than a blink of an eye to some kindred. The version of history that many humans know to be an absolute truth, maybe be little more than a convenient lie made up by a kindred.

Just how much of history is known in modern times and just how much of history is hidden from the masses? Just how much history is yet to be written? As we journey through these trying times, these important moments in history, we will learn about how the people and kindred of these times forged their place in the passage of time. We’ll see what changes and what stays the same. We’ll see who makes it to the next chapter in history and who is forgotten by ages to come.

We will see truly how the blood seeps slowly.

Over view

The blood seeps slowly Ronfiction