Sand stone manor

On the edge of the county atop a rocky outcropping sits the enormous sand stone manor. The house gets it’s name from the surrounding geography, and from the fact that the foundation of the manor is constructed from sand stone. The manor is known to be owned by an eccentric foreign scientist who keeps to himself and has the day to day business of the manor conducted by the house’s many servants. The inside of the manor is beautifully appointed and there are many rooms across the manor’s many floors. The manor is surrounded by a large cattle ranch that has thousands of heads of cattle, making it one of the largest ranches in the territory.

Sand stone manor, although technically owned by The order of the hour glass is administered by Godfrey Lehmann. The night to night business of the house is conducted by He Yu. Many different services are provided by the house including labs, stables and armories. The manor’s lower levels are off limits to all but Godfrey Lehmann himself.



Sand stone manor

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