Name: Sisay
Sire: ?
DOB: ?
Place of birth: Damascus Syria
DOE: ???
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: unaligned
Title: Master of The order of the hour glass
Signature discipline: Chronomancy

Legends speak of Sisay as a brilliant military commander during the crusades although it is unclear as to which side she fought for. She’s clearly of middle eastern decent so it’s assumed she fought on behalf of the Muslin forces. During the crusades she become the master of the order of the hour glasses and has been in charge of the order since. She is held in high regards in her clan’s status and uses that renown to move about the globe on be half of the order she serves. He maintains her residence in Havana Cuba and there are many stories of her exhibiting powers that few kindred in the world can use.

As history will remember (Tombstone 1881 AD)
When members of Belial’s Brood infiltrated The order of the hour glass and stole Mehket’s hour glass, Sisay had to spring into action to members of The order of the hour glass and some kindred mercenaries together to track down and recover the artifact. Sisay along with help from Vintept was able to clean out the Belial’s Brood infiltrators in Havana as well as help the group she sent out west bring Mehket’s hour glass back to their head quarters.


As history will remember (Havana 1959 AD):
During the violent uprising that swept both the human and kindred society of Cuba on the night of January 1st 1959AD, members of Belial’s Brood made an attempt on Sisay’s life at the head quarters of the order of the hour glass. Thanks to the quick actions of it’s members, Sisay was rescued and a hunt was called for all of the Caribbean for other members of the plot.


As history will remember (London 1969 AD):
Once Job of the Brood was killed, Sisay returned to Havana to the head quarters of the order of the hour glass. She would occasionally make the trip to London to visit with the close allies that she had made while on her trip there in 1969 AD.



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