Timothy Remmington

Name: Timothy Remmington
Sire: James Mitchell
DOB: September 8th 1370 AD
Place of birth: England
DOE: May 25th 1400 AD
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: The Invictus
Title: Ventrue Priscus (1510 AD – Present)
Signature discipline: Dominate

Timothy Remmington is the picture perfect Ventrue Invictus. Refined in age, expertly dressed, and formal always. His manners are impeachable and his knowledge of kindred politics is second to none. He’s held in high regards in all aspects of kindred society and always contributes to the topic at hand in court. It’s widely known that his sire was a famous kindred in the court of London and Bethany Newberry was sired by the same kindred. Timothy was the last kindred to pick a side in the coup to over throw Charles and one of the last to pick between Henry Price and Owen Raxworthy’s split praxis, picking the correct side both times. Bethany Newberry wrangled his support for Henry but his true drive was the Priscus council. He’s managed to keep fellow Ventrue Invictus William Sinclair in power as the Priscus Harpy for many years. He hates working with the Carthian Movement members of the court and openly opposes the Nosferatu Priscus Sidney Kent in court. Recently he has become more aggressive in his opposition to the Carthian Movement.

As history will remember:
After the coup of Owen Raxworthy was dealt with, it takes Timothy Remmington a long time to come back into the good graces of the court despite his ability to retain his titles in both court and the Invictus. Timothy Remmington in time warms back up to the rule of Henry Price and in time becomes one of his best supporters.


Timothy Remmington

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