Awake at last

Murdoch hurried along the dark and dank passages that made up the basements beneath the Havana base of the order of the hour glass. Nadia did her best to keep up with the priest as he lead her deeper and deeper into the catacombs.

“Just a little further, the shouting is coming from a locked room down this way.”

Murdoch explained and lead the witch on down the maze of passages.

“What was the voice saying? Does anyone know who or what it is?”

Nadia asked as the two made their way through the passages. The urgency of Murdoch was worrisome for Nadia.

“No idea, it was shouting in Spanish, the other kindred down there with me just told me to come and get you.”

Murdoch explained. Murdoch was normally stationed in Cairo but was on pilgrimage for the month. He didn’t know as much about the Havana base but it was clear to Nadia from his expert navigation of the passages that he had been exploring and was seemingly a quick learner.

“I knew I should have picked up Spanish, I feel like I’m the only kindred on the Island that doesn’t speak Spanish sometimes.”

Murdoch said and motioned down a hallway as they turned. Nadia could start to hear the faint echos of shouts as they moved into a new hallway. A few members of the order of the hour glass had gathered around outside a very old, solid iron door. A few of them had lit some small lanterns to light up the hallway outside the door and some of them had come with weapons in hand.

When Murdoch got Nadia to the door, Nadia moved over to the door and tried to listen to what was on the other side. The shouting on the other side was incoherent over the banging that was coming from whatever was on the other side and muffled by the thick metal door. Murdoch gave a confused shrug and motioned to the door while Nadia tried to listen in but gave up. After a moment, Nadia looked the door over and saw a symbol on it and her eyes went wide.

“Sir Ferdinand?”

She said quietly to herself and then looked the door over once more. She motioned to the other kindred to step back and then placed a hand on the door knob.

“We’ve tried the door, It’s completely stuck, rusted shut.”

Murdoch said and pointed out the hinges. Nadia gave the Scotsman a smile and then turned the door knob.

“There are no locked or barred doors for me.”

She said and with a simple pull, opened the door some how. Murdoch raised an eyebrow but moved to follow her inside.

Inside the small room was a stone slab and a pacing figure that was still shouting in Spanish. As the light from out in the hall way lit the room, a figure in full plate armor could be seen. The figure was a kindred and recoiled away from the higher potency of Nadia and Murdoch.

The figure hissed and moved back into a corner of the room while Nadia and Murdoch were careful to approach.

“Sir Ferdinand, is that you?”

Nadia called out to the figure in Spanish. The figure took a few moments to react but then slowly came back into the lit part of the room. The tall, armored kindred stood at the ready with sword in hand but did not attack either of the kindred.

“I demand to speak with grandmaster Sisay. I have sworn to protect her and the hour glass. Who are you and why am I here?”

Sir Ferdinand asked and held his sword at the ready. Murdoch was seemingly lost in all of this but Nadia was slowly getting a more clear picture of what was going on. She turned to Murdoch and spoke in English to him.

“I can’t believe it. This is Sir Ferdinand. He was a member of the order back in the 1400’s. Sissay brought him over to Cuba hundreds of years ago in torpor. She had told me that had been cursed into torpor many years ago and that he may never wake up.”

She explained and held her hands up at the knight in a calming motion.

“We’re with Sissay, we’re members of the order.”

Nadia said to Ferdinand in Spanish, while Murdoch looked on in interest. Sir Ferdinand was hesitant to respond but he lowered his sword and gave Nadia a slow nod.

“I must speak with Sissay. I was sworn to protect her. The only thing that could have woken me from my torpor would be her eminent danger.”

Sir Ferdinand said and motioned to the door. Nadia raised an eyebrow and motioned for Murdoch and Sir Ferdinand to follow her out of the room.

“Are you sure good knight?”

Nadia asked. Sir Ferdinand gave her a nod and moved to follow her. Murdoch gave Nadia a confused look and sought an explanation.

“Sooooo, he’s with us then?”

Murdoch asked as they passed the other bewildered kindred in the hallway.

“He’s saying that he woke up from torpor because Sissay is in trouble.”

Nadia explained to Murdoch. Murdoch looked the knight over and then turned to the witch.

“Where is she right now? We should go to her.”

He said and started to follow them out of the basement.

“Sissay is at the Elysium of Havana, up at the casino. It’s new years and the court hosts a party every year. We need to get to her now.”

Nadia explained. Murdoch and Ferdinand moved to let Nadia take the lead and she lead them to a door that she shut and then started to cast a spell on. Both the knight and the priest watched the witch do her work and then, when she opened the door, it no longer lead to an other part of the basement, but a small ally way in Havana.

“Come on, only a few blocks till Elysium.”

Nadia said and walked through the door. The knight and the priest exchanged impressed and confused looks and then walked out into the ally way with her.

Awake at last

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