Coira Rutherford

Name: Coira Rutherford
Sire: Elder vampire known by many titles, such as Crom Cruach, Droch-Spiorad, or the Master of the Hunt
DOB: June 12th, 1801
Place of Birth: County Galway, Connacht, Ireland
DOE: August 20th, 1825
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: The Invictus
Title: None
Signature Discipline: None
Theme Song: My Way

Early Life and Embrace
For her living years, Coira’s life was quiet and rural. Indeed, were it not by cruel happenstance, she might have lived out her days in peace and ignominy. However, that was doomed to change when her small township was ransacked and butchered by the vampire that was to become her sire. For reasons unknown to any save the elder itself, it took Coira, Embraced her, and had her feed from its blood until she was nothing more than other hound in his pack of Childer.

For twenty terrible years, she ran with her sire. Most of those days are lost in a haze of red in her mind, for she was more Beast than anything else in those days. Her salvation came in 1845, when a coterie formed by the Princes of the United Kingdom and Ireland demanded her sire cease his endless hunts for fear of the growing awareness of mortals. It scoffed at the Princes, who sent a coterie to hunt the hunters and finally put and end to the elder. Coira received a stake to the heart early in the battle, and that proved to be the act that would ultimately save her life; when she was finally awakened, it was 1847, and she learned that her sire had been defeated, albeit at great cost.

Without the power of the blood bond demanding her loyalty, Coira left Ireland, the hunting grounds that she had helped to profane over the years. In London she came to join The Invictus , needing desperately to have stability and the knowledge that the choices that she was making belonged to her, and not to a vampire enslaving her mind. Since her arrival in the city, she put her keen mind and supernatural power into becoming a small-time private investigator, largely fixing problems for the higher-ups in The Invictus . It’s been over one-hundred years in London, but even now some look at her sidelong, thinking her little more than the spawn of a monster. She gets by, largely unconcerned by the opinions of others, and has earned the begrudging respect of many members of London’s court.

Recent Times
Having spent several years establishing herself within London, Coira has come to earn the trust of a few select members of the Court, who entrusted her with looking into various matters around the city.

When the kindred Elysium came under attack by a band of hunters called the Watch, she put her ample investigative skills into tracking them down and sorting out the problem by way of earning the Prince’s favor. After several nights of sleuthing her way around London, she came to learn of who the Watch were, where they came from, and where they were holding themselves up within the city, as well as how they came into their stash of weaponry. Bracing herself for the inevitable confrontation, Coira hoped to use her success with the Watch to earn the consideration of the Prince to replace his current Sheriff.

Coira has also come to learn of her unexpected connection with her fellow kindred Kasper Hoffmann and Jacob Simmons; their grandsire is Coira’s sire, the ancient kindred of Ireland. With elder vampires awakening all over Europe, and talk of kindred madly seeking after her sire’s remains, Coira’s old fears of being a beast under her sire’s control have come flooding back, fears that she is struggling to work around int he hopes of discovering what is causing the sudden flurry of activity surrounding the elder kindred.


Coira Rutherford

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