Ida Smith

DOB: April 15,1926
Sire: ???
Covenant: The Carthian Movement
Place of Birth: Oxford, England
DoE: June 18, 1944

Ida grew up in a wealthy family. Before she could have a ‘coming out’ party. England declared war. Her father went to war and her mother was a volunteer nurse. Ida followed her mother when she turned 15. It was 1939.

In May of 1944. Ida had just turned 18. It was then that she meet her soon to be sire. He was a patient, he was a medical mystery. Eventually he woke up and Embraced Ida because he woke up out of tupor with her tending to him.

Ida arrived in London from the court of Oxford, soon after joining The Carthian Movement. Her sire was a member of The Invictus . Ida moved to London to be part of the upper class social circles she also intends on starting a club.

Recent Activity: Ida has been spending alot of time with the Deputy. She doesn’t really devulge on what she has been doing. What everyone does know though, is that Ida is opening her club.
She has been spending alot of time with the French Ambassador asking her opinion on the decorations.

By now everyone should have received an invitation.


Ida Smith

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