Johnathan Blacktree

Name: Johnathan Blacktree
Sire: Gregory Huntsman
DOB: July 6th, 1690 AD
Place of birth: Swindon England
DOE: June 1st 1724
Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: unaligned
Title: The Confederate
Signature discipline: Animalism


Johnathan Blacktree was born into a minor noble family in the late 1600’s. He was the last of his family’s line but constantly found himself in fits of depression, which he never got over and left him socially isolated. He never married and condemned his family line to an end. His Sire embraced him in an effort to seize his family’s wealth but Johnathan took to the kindred life quickly and killed his sire and quickly became a self made kindred. Johnathan worked his way through the courts of southern England and even spent a short time in the court of London until he had a blow out with the Ventrue Priscus Timothy Remmington in the mid 1700’s. After he left the court of London, Johnathan went to the American colonies and fought on the American side in the southern states. Once America was independent Johnathan slipped into some of the highest positions of the new southern kindred courts and society. On the outset of the American Civil War, Johnathan chose to back the Confederacy and lost nearly everything he had in the war. After the war he traveled out west where his strong reputation earned him respect from the kindred of the west. He was invited to join the terrifying 7 as it’s last member, an invitation he refused until he lost a duel with Carlos Garcia.


Johnathan Blacktree

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