Kasper Hoffmann

Name: Kasper Hoffmann
Sire: Kenneth Shay
DOB: April 10th, 1914
Place of Birth: Germany
DOE: July 15th, 1955
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: The Circle of the Crone
Title: The Circle of the Crone Primogen
Signature Discipline: Animalism
Theme Song: Johnny B. Goode

What has happened so far…..

As a public favor to the prince, Kasper engaged in a good old fashioned shake down of a gambler to one of the prince’s establishments. Suffice to say, that cheater wont be seen around here again. (No really, he skipped town). He deals with Old Man Zane’s antics on a regular basis, being the only other Crone in town.

Kasper was in Elysium when it was attacked, being one of the first people to throw himself on the front line and fight off the invaders. Single handedly taking out a group of them himself and capturing one alive for further investigative purposes.

He has been seen on many occasions speaking and meeting with the French ambassador from the court of Paris, Vivianne Duchamp. It is widely speculative that they have some sort of relationship going on (As much as Kindred may ), but it has yet to be confirmed. ( #TheyDo)

Kasper joined the group of Kindred who visited the Huntsman club, speaking with the local hunters on the attack on Elysium regarding this american group of amateur hunters “The Watchmen”.

Kasper, after completing a special request for the Prince, has since gained the prince’s word to joining his inner circle as the Circle of the Crone’s representative.

Last but not least, Kasper went with the group to see this elder Kindred “Waking up”. It was terrible. Would not do again.

Kasper Hoffmann is what you would normally call a example citizen, or kindred in this case. He’s never caused any public trouble, paid his dues, respect to the prince, and hasn’t gotten on anyone’s bad side. He’s gruff in frame and nature, never really one for delicate issues and much more blunt then most are used to. He’s always seen walking about with his english wolfhound, a known ghoul companion that travels with him. Nothing in known of his sire, not because he hides it away, but more due to the fact that he does not know. He is well respected within the ranks of the Gangrel, his status certainly higher than your average beast. Many find it odd that he is with the ranks of the crone, despite his appearance and behavior. It would be unusual for him to go uninvited into one of the ranks of the other covenants for a time, never accepting. For the most part Kasper has just been another member of the city, a faceless citizen in a sense.


Kasper Hoffmann

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