Mehket's hour glass

The symbol of clan Mehket is an hour glass, which depending on who you ask means different things. Some will contest that it was symbolic of her prophecies of the end time and that having seen that the world comes to an end, the hour glass serves as a remainder of our existence being on borrowed time.

Other contest that the clan takes the symbol from an actual artifact that Mehket herself made and handed down to members of her order. Mehket’s hour glass is a real, artifact that is currently held by The order of the hour glass, a kindred order that maintains the hour glass and it’s powers.

Kindred through out history have been allowed to study the hour glass, and many agree that it’s power may know no limit. Kindred well versed in the Occult or Politics know that the Grand Master of the order of the hour glass is the one kindred that can use it’s full power and generally speaking is the kindred holding onto the hour glass.


Mehket's hour glass

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