Overview Havana 1959 AD

The concept of freedom is inherent within all creatures with sentience. Freedom is a driving force for existence. Freedom can define a being in all it’s aspects. Freedom moves thought to any and all places and when freedom is restricted or removed entirely, the yearning for it will completely consume that which finds its self captive.

European Colonization spanned huge swaths of human history and could be felt in every corner of the world. The colonies set up by the empires of Europe would be in flux well into modern times. The clash of wills and ideals and the expansion of western civilization would come to define the modern world. Human kind would change from small nation states to global empires and enterprises. Massive civilizations would be laid to waste and entire ways of life would cease to be.

Colonization spanned much of the world and changed it, for better or for worse. No where was that more clear than in the Caribbean, and in the Caribbean no where was that more clear than the island of Cuba.

Cuba was one of the first places that Europeans landed on and it quickly became one of the regions biggest hubs of change. Native populations where laid to waste by illness and aggressive invasion, new resources flowed to Europe and began the modern global economy. Slaves from Africa mixed with remaining the natives and the Europeans to form a mix of races and cultures that until this moment in time was impossible.

In this whirlwind of change, progress and blood shed a new notion came to light for the human race: Never before had so many had so much to fight over. While empires clashed over hundreds of islands and resources, the common folk fought over something much more basic. Many of them fought for the simple notion that was freedom.

In time, things got so oppressive in these colonies that even those people who were in relatively high positions of power decided it was time to cast off their European bonds and become their own people. The United States, Mexico, and so many other countries were formed in this time. One by one all the colonies became their own people.

Cuba found it’s self in a strange position; one of the last countries yet to be free and it’s future directly linked to his powerful neighbor to the north, the United States. Once freed from Spanish control, Cuba had a hard time defining it’s self as little more than a puppet of it’s close ally.

In the post world war era, Latin America was rife with conflict. The old civic norms were called into question and systems that were hold overs from colonial times were aging fast. Radical ideas that had formed in Europe had found home in the freedom starved people of the Caribbean. All the while the economics of the era and region had caused a social stratification the likes of which the world had never seen. The world riches people would vacation and exploit the worlds poorest people all on one tiny island.

In time; Cuba became a powder keg, set to blow with just the smallest spark. It was ready to blow. Then, in the 1950’s… It did.

All the cards are on the table, and the aces are wild while the blood seeps slowly.

Overview Havana 1959 AD

The blood seeps slowly Ronfiction