Rick Rains

Name: Rick Rains
Sire: William Torel
DOB: April 7th, 1916
Place of Birth: London, England
DOE: November 5th, 1949
Clan: Mehket
Covenant: The Carthian Movement
Title: None
Signature Discipline: Auspex
Theme Song: Those were the days

Born and raised in London, Richard Rains grew in a poor house the only son of two cops. Clever and intuitive, he sought to follow in his parents footsteps. He finished schooling and opened his own Private Investigation company, preferring that freedom over the strict guidelines within the police force. He was successful for a time, even got married. Things got a little more complicated when the second world war broke out.

Rick was drafted, and flew off to fight in the war. Men fought. Men died. The allies won. He returned home battered and strained after it’s finish. He returned home to find a dead wife and a bloody vampire. He fought it off, swore revenge and chased it down. It fled to America, and he followed. He caught the monster in a trap, destroyed it, and was spotted by a Kindred in New York, his sire. The court of New York had already placed a blood hunt on the rogue vampire, and his sire saw the opportunity to take credit himself. Also, that before him stood a future hunter, or a future asset. He took Rick as his childe.

William Torel kept his childe at his side for twenty years, and then seemingly out of the blue exiled him from New York. Without anywhere else to go, he decided to try and make is own back in his home town, and returns to London.


Rick Rains

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