Simonette Amelie Leroux

Name: Simonette Amelie Leroux
Sire: Marie Sophie Laurent
DOB: 1788 AD
Place of Birth: Paris, France
DOE: 1805 AD
Clan: Daeva
Covenant: The order of the hour glass
Signature Discipline: Majesty

Simonette was born, in Paris, France, during the French Revolution. Both of her parents were active revolutionist during this time. Her father ran a small newspaper. He used it to illegally spread communication throughout the city. Her mother was a member of the Society of Revolutionary and Republican Women. It was not long before Simonette was dragged into the political arena.

Both of her parents became casualties of the revolution. Her father was outed and soon thereafter beheaded for his articles. Her mother was beaten to death in an alleyway by a group of men offended by her organization. Simonette was left alone at the age of fourteen to take care of herself.

As she got older, she began to follow in her mother’s footsteps. She would not let her death be in vain. Politics became her life. It became her mission to fight for women’s rights. It would be what her mother would have wanted her to do. She did her best to help show support with each and every feminist movement that popped up.

Simonette made a lot of noise and this got her in trouble often. It was not long before she found herself repeating history; being stuck in an alleyway with a group of angry men looking to tear her down. This time, however, she had a sort of angel looking over her.

As the men came at her, a dark and mysterious woman came out of the shadows. She stood in front of these men with such confidence. As she spoke, her words lifted from her lips like sweet candy for a child. When she was done speaking, the men just left without question. Simonette was in awe of this strange woman. The woman then gave Simonette an offer she could not refuse. She offered power and immortality in a world where she would be treated as an equal. Her worth would be based on her capabilities, not her gender. Of course she accepted, and that was the day she became a kindred.

Simonette’s sire was Marie Sophie Laurent. Ms. Laurent was a Deava Invictus looking for a pupil to teach. She did not share much with Simonette about her past. Her outlook was to be always looking forward. There were always more steps to climb and challenges to conquer. Ms. Laurent put Simonette through vigorous training, which she embraced with excitement. She had so much knowledge at her fingertips. Ms. Laurent taught her that her power comes from this knowledge. The more information she could get the stronger she was.

When Ms. Laurent had nothing more to teach Simonette, she sent her out into the world. Soon enough, the Order of the Hourglass discovered her. They saw a lot of potential with her and with her talents. The Order was a way for her to change the world in unimaginable ways. Her perspective on life was blow away. She hopes to honestly make a difference for the better.

Theme Song: Edith Piaf – Non, je ne regrette rien


Simonette Amelie Leroux

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