The order of the hour glass

Stories about the order of the hour glass span the entirety of Kindred history. It’s understood that they have been around since at least 3500 BC and are in part why clan Mehket has their symbol as an hour glass. The hour glass that the order draws their name sake from is in reference to Mehket’s hour glass, a timeless relic that is said to grant members of it’s organization unimaginable powers and is suggested to be part of a doomsday prophecy.

The order has maintained a series of locations through out the world and these locations are regarded as some of the most fortified and protected locations with in the kindred world, on par with the bases of power of the major covenants. In ancient times they kept their organization to one location in the Nile river valley. In time they decided to split their forces and moved Mehket’s hour glass to Europe, then the middle east and then the Caribbean.

In modern times they maintain a location in Cairo named The well of dreams and a location in Havana where they keep Mehket’s hour glass.

The order of the hour glass is known to occult and political savvy kindred though out the world. Occult minded kindred of the Lancea Sanctum, Ordo Dracul and the various Circles that follow the crone, would know the order of the hour by their long history and hosting of Mehket’s hour glass. Further rumors contend that they have developed their own discipline that gives them some sort of future sight and a mastery over time it’s self.

Politically minded kindred would know the order of the hour by way of the deals and agreements they’ve brokered with all the major covenants and their high stance they maintain in clan circles (especially clan Mehket). Most kindred have a favorable opinion of them as an organization with the exception of hard line Lancea Sanctum sects. In modern times, more progressive sects of the Lancea Sanctum (Such as the second estate or the new church) are much more excepting of the order of the hour glass.

The order of the hour glass

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