Via la revolution

Agatha lead Conrad up to her pent house suite at the Riviera. As the two stepped into the elevator she nodded to the elevator attendant who, without a word gave her a nod and pressed the button for the top floor. Conrad adjusted his suit jacket and sun glasses and stood nervously in the elevator. It’s not every night that the herald of the city asked you up to her room.

“So what can do for you this evening miss Ortiz?”

The Carthian asked with his trade mark smirk. The Invictus returned his smirk and then simply looked up at the floor indicator above the door.

“Fabiola Wanted a word with you. I told her I would go down and get you.”

She said flatly. Conrad tensed up some and looked around the elevator.

“Fabby’s here? In the Riviera? She’s blood hunted! What is she doing back here?! The prince is gonna throw a hissy fit if he finds out.”

Conrad said, his worry rising. Agatha just chuckled some and looked to the meek mehket.

“That’s not going to matter when the prince is dead.”

She said plainly and looked at the door as they arrived at the pent house floor. A ding announced their arrival and then the doors opened to reveal a squad of heavily armed, dirty looking gorilla fighters. They pointed their assault rifles at the two in the elevator and Conrad shot his hands into the air. Agatha gave a chuckle and waved them off. The gorillas lowered their weapons again and motioned for the kindred to come through. Conrad kept his horrified look as Agatha lead him down an other hallway.

“You two are planing a take over arn’t you!”

Conrad said as he started to count just how many gorillas were up on this floor. It looked like they had been here for some time.

“We’ve been planning a take over for some time now. The rest of the court is either on ourside or oblivious to the attack that is coming. So that’s why you’re here.”

Agatha explained as they arrived at a door with two guards in front of it. The two guards reconized Agatha but gave Conrad untrusting looks. Agatha waved them off again and then had one of them open the door. Once inside the room, Fabiola could be seen leaning over a table that had a blue print of the hotel and casino laid out ontop of it. She had a walkie talkie in one hand and a pencil in the other. As she spoke into the walkie talkie she circled places on the blue prints and pointed out rooms to the other men in the room. When she saw the two other kindred enter, she ushered the gorillas out of the room. Conrad remained as far away from Fabiola as he could.

“Nice seeing you again Fabiola.”

Conrad said, obviously nervous around his fellow Carthian. Fabiola gave Conrad a stern look and then switched off her walkie talkie. Agatha moved over to a comfy looking sofa and lit a cigerette.

“I brought you the weasel.”

Agatha said and took a long drag of her cigerette. Fabiola moved to be over by Conrad and looked him over some.

“Long time no see Mr Henderson.”

She said in a flat voice. Conrad tried his best to give her confident smirk but it came off as more of a nervous cringe.

“I’ve never been up in the Penthouse before. I’m honored you’d have me.”

Conrad said, doing his best to be witty to cover up his fear. Fabiola gave the Mehket a smirk and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

“It’s been a while since I was able to entertain guests here in Havana. I’ve been busy with a war. We won by the way.”

She said and dragged Conrad over to the table and showed him the map that was set up.

“The movement is taking out that windbag Thomas tonight. I’ve already spoken to the Havana Carthians about it. You however were the odd factor out. The Carthian that was friends with the Invictus. We needed to know where your loyalties lay. Are you with us, or do we need to add you to kill list?”

Fabiola asked and let go of Conrad. Conrad looked between Agatha, Fabiola and the drawn out plans and started to do some math. It was not looking good for the prince and the court loyal to him.

“I’m a gambler at heart Fabby. I know a sure bet when I see one.”

He said and offered her a hand for a shake. Fabiola took his hand and gave it a bone crushing shake.

“Good, I would hate to have to kill a fellow Carthian. Even if you are a Gringo, you’re still with us.”

Fabiola said and went back to her plans. Agatha stood up and came back over to Conrad. She wandered around his back and traced a finger along his shoulders.

“So, if you’re with us, we have a job for you.”

She said and came back around to his front side. Conrad tried to ease up some but was still on edge.

“What do you need me to do?”

He asked begrudgingly. He knew that he was in for one hell of a night.

Via la revolution

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